Impact the world for Jesus Christ - one video chat at a time.

Designed and built just for you

Whether you are an experienced Bible study leader or just learning, Outreach Community was designed for you. With an easy to use interface and seamless integration with Google Hangouts, Community is a powerful ministry tool designed and built for the modern disciplemaker.

Video chat Bible study

Outreach Community provides a fully customizable video chat experience for the Bible study leader. We offer built-in access directly to the popular video chat service Google Hangouts. We offer a wide-range of options so you can have your Bible study just the way you want it. We even provide a selection of free Bible study curriculums to get you started. We will promote and advertise your Bible study group on our website. And because Community is powered by Google Hangouts, you can have up to 10 people in your video chat room at one time.

Impact the world

Bible study leaders on Community are having a global influence. Visitors to Outreach Community are from China, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, South Korea, Germany, Kenya, Russia, and a host of other countries. Many people around the world want to study “face-to-face” with someone who can share and explain the teachings of Scripture. So why not apply today and impact the world for Jesus Christ – one video chat at a time.


How do I get started?

    Click the “Apply Today” button on this page and fill out a brief online application. Once approved, you will have access to all the features of Community and can start your own video chat Bible study.

Does my Bible study have to be open to the public?

    No. You can set your study to be “open” or “closed”. An open study allows anyone visiting the website to join your Bible study. A closed study is one that can only be joined by those you invite.

Are all the video chat Bible studies broadcast to the public?

    No. You choose whether your Bible study is broadcast to the public or not. Only broadcasted sessions are recorded and saved to the archives page.

Can I start and lead more than one video chat Bible study?

    Absolutely. Start as many Bible studies as you like. Each one will be listed separately on the Join page according to its topic.

Can anyone lead a group?

    Outreach Community is an online ministry operated by Seventh-day Adventists. At this time we are only accepting leader applications from Seventh-day Adventist church members. If you are a member of another Christian denomination, we invite you to join one of our many Bible studies as a participant or launch your own video chat group using the services of Google+, Oovoo+, or tinychat.com

Do I need a Google account to lead a Bible study on Community?

    Yes. You will need a Google+ account to use the chat rooms. Google+ is free and easy to join and you can sign up here.